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It seems like every day there is some new rule, regulation or other challenge that produces shifts in the medical billing process which can adversely affect your revenue cycle management. You are a medical professional and you need to focus on your patients. You can leave your basic office management in the hands of someone on site but when it comes to the processes of billing for your services you cannot afford to take such a risk. You need qualified professionals that will not call in sick, go on vacation or quit at just the worst moment.

You need the experienced support of someone you can trust - who has weathered lots of change successfully. You need PBA. We are experienced in billing and revenue cycle management. We can give you peace of mind and financial success.

PBA's many satisfied clients will tell you that our sound business acumen has been highly beneficial to their overall financial health and peace of mind. Our staff has earned their respect and high regard as knowledgeable persons of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

As our client you will benefit from such services as:

  • Quick data capture
  • Prompt Submission of claims via electronic billing
  • Persistent follow up
  • Problem resolution of claims
  • Credentialing of providers
  • Diligent AR management
  • Collection rates of over 92% after 6 months
  • Comprehensive administrative services
  • Patient statements sent and followed up with care
  • Appeals to payers
  • Practice performance analysis
  • Customized reports
  • Medical office operation evaluation and support as needed
  • Monitoring for full compliance of all parties with HIPPA regulations
  • Secure on and off site file back up
  • Multiple forms of communication with your representatives
  • Hours of operations that actually allow patients to speak to live representatives

Along with our usual services we can also help you

  • Reorganize ~ Restructure your office processes
  • Discover the value of participating with certain carriers
  • Negotiate better contract rates with carriers
  • Add anesthesiologists or other medical staff
  • Provide transportation for patients
Medical Billing Staten IslandHealthcare providers today, realize that medical claims billing is complicated. Your practice depends on finding a company that knows what they are doing. One that can take the pressures and demands in stride. If it is important for you to keep patient care separate from billing and reimbursement issues, then you should consider outsourcing your work.


Communication is
important to us. Our fax operates 24/7. Highly qualified staff members pick up the phone and talk to our clients and their patients Monday through Friday from
8am to 8pm. State of the art telephone messaging system operates when
the office is closed.

Medical Billing Services

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Medical Billing Services

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