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Physicians Billing Associates International, Inc. (PBA) is a highly effective medical billing company. It was established in 1984 by Frema Gordon, a medical billing consultant with many years of experience in anesthesia billing and collections. Her solid understanding of the industry enables her to create a positive billing solution for any size practice. Her pro-active dedication to her clients and keen awareness of their needs has revolutionized the anesthesia billing industry. Quality service is the cornerstone on which our success rests. Up to date resources and state of the art tools empower our staff. Client satisfaction is the outcome.

PBA offers an array of certified coders, credentialists, compliance officers, network engineers, and computer programmers. It's no surprise that PBA has grown to be one of the foremost anesthesia billing services in the tri-state area. Our clients include in-office anesthesiologists, single practitioners, and hospital-based anesthesia departments. PBA specializes in the formation of anesthesia groups from credentialing to profit-sharing and can manage entire group practices. PBA is truly a full service organization.

Our employees regularly attend Medicare compliance seminars, billing and coding workshops, and many other legal and professional seminars throughout the country. PBA enforces a customized compliance program written by an esteemed legal compliance counsel. PBA is HIPAA compliant.

PBA engages in contractual fee negotiations with all major carriers on behalf of our clients. We can secure better fee schedules than a single practitioner can. Additionally, PBA's stature within the industry affords us the ability to be most effective in client advocacy.

PBA was a groundbreaker in gastrointestinal endoscopy anesthesia billing. PBA's special expertise in this area provides the highest reimbursements for their clients. We have worked alone and with various voices to "convince" difficult carriers to pay for in-office Monitored Anesthesia Care. As new fields are added to anesthesia billing, we investigate their potential.

PBA consistently provides a recovery rate in the high 90 percentile for the New Jersey, New York and entire tri-state area.

Our offices in Staten Island, New York and New Mexico run the most advanced server technology, have multiple on-site and off-site backups, and use a custom-designed software and reporting program. New regulations and compliance laws can be road blocks for other billing services who depend upon third-party providers for their computing needs. PBA welcomes these challenges as they arise.

Patient demographics, anesthesia records, carrier Explanation Of Benefits, and all other physical correspondence are scanned into a state of the art document management system. Once again, a custom-designed scanning software, indexing program and high-speed scanner keep all billing records accessible and safe.

We are available to our clients and their patients. Real people pick up the phones and talk to our callers! You are free to call anytime to ask about medical billing or anesthesia collections. Our offices are open 12-15 hours a day!

How do you measure billing quality? Do you know how much you do not collect? Do you know if every problem is resolved? PBA will review your billing process to assess effectiveness of staff and methodology.

If you bill in house we will help you to discover the true costs of managing your own personnel - including hiring, training, benefits, vacations, and sick days. We will answer the important questions. Does your technology allow you to keep an individual history of every action performed on every claim by everyone that has ever touched it? Do you perform backups of your system? When was the last time you tried to recover your data from your backups? Do you really want to be in the business of maintaining your own software and hardware?

If you outsource, we will help you to determine if your biller is sufficiently accountable to you. We will see how hard or easy it is for you to get reports and if they are clear and accurate. Does your biller have enough expertise in the field to be able to predict potential payment problem down the road?

The most important question to ask in any billing situation is:
Do you get it right the first time?

Getting claims out clean the first time, knowing coding strategies, avoiding under-coding, avoiding miss-coding of services and common documentation errors, avoiding common billing errors and debunking common billing myths --these are things that any good biller must be certain to keep in the forefront of their operations.

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important to us. Our fax operates 24/7. Highly qualified staff members pick up the phone and talk to our clients and their patients Monday through Friday from
8am to 8pm. State of the art telephone messaging system operates when
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