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Individual and group billing
No matter what size your practice is we can provide you with excellent service, qualified representatives and a billing methodology that is based on your needs.

Assessment of your current billing methodology
We will meet with you to analyze your current case load, what methods are being used to bill out your work, and discern if your current biller is doing all that is necessary to maximize your income.

Rescue for financially abused providers of any size:
Many providers, through no fault of their own, find themselves the victim of inadequate, incorrect or improper billing practices. Medical billing, and in particular anesthesia billing is a very complicated field with many variables and changes. You need a billing service whose staff is educated and informed about all aspects of their field. You need a biller that will work with your best interests in mind. Many of our clients come to us because they suspect that the billing system they currently use is not adequate to their needs. We are here to help and often we will take over existent billing to see if we can cure the problems of the past.

Easy and cost protective transition from previous billing situation:
Change can be confusing and many providers avoid change for fear of losing financial consistency. Expenses need to be met and we do all that we can to help maintain an operating cash flow during the transition period.

Electronic claims submissions
We bill electronically for all carriers who have made it available. We currently use EMDEON through WEBMD. This system is the industry leader.

Full credentialing services:
For providers already listed with insurance carriers, our in house staff will help you to coordinate your records and submit them to all carriers, prior to actual billing, so that there is no lapse in payments during transition. For new providers our in house staff will manage all your paperwork and establish you with all insurance carriers.

Negotiate contracts with carriers:
It is no surprise to us that many providers are participating with carriers at rates far below what they should be getting. We have many years of experience and have done extensive research in the area of contractual fees and always get our providers the highest rate possible for their participation. We firmly believe that a provider has the right to get the maximum amount that the current market will bear and we will accept no less than that.

Identify and eliminate bundled services and coding errors:
It is very important that anesthesia providers understand that some of the work they do is included in the main procedure codes. Constant unbundling of services is a red flag for audits. PBA staff members keep current with all the bundled and unbundled codes. They are certified and educated in proper coding procedures

Compliance review by certified compliance officer:
All claims are monitored prior to submission to determine if all correct coding requirements are in place. Questions will be referred to you if the need arises in order to prevent audits and payment delays

Aggressive follow up of all primary and secondary unpaid claims:
We do not pre-judge which claims should be called on. Regardless of primary or secondary balances due, all claims will receive our full attention.

Help with new practice formation:
If you wish to look into the possibility of forming a group practice, we will sit down with you and help you to find the right way to do it. Our in house staff will assist you with the necessary paperwork. We can also refer you to professionals who will make the process as quick and painless and possible.

Work load tracking for group monitoring:
Our reporting system will help both individual practitioners and groups to determine if they are making the best use of their time, personnel and resources.

Custom reports for specific needs (Accountability)
All practices are different. One solution doesn't work for all. Many of our reports are flexible and comprehensive enough for everyone to use, but there are occasions where specific needs must be addressed. We can create reports to meet those needs. If you are curious about a specific code, location, carrier or any other aspect of your practice we can review and report back to you on its performance and viability

Payment posting and balancing
PBA takes care of all your financial needs. We post all payments and make your deposits. Each payment is reviewed immediately upon receipt to determine if it is correct. Incorrect or insufficient settlements are then inquired and followed up on until the correct adjustment is made. Secondary carriers and patients are balance billed as appropriate.

Safeguards for incoming work
We use several methods for receipt or transmission of your work. We advise a daily or weekly submission either by fax or by traceable mail

Notary public
We have a notary available as needed.

Secure storage of all documents:
We use an advanced automated indexing/scanning system that is state of the art. We store all face sheet, super bills, correspondence and explanations of benefits. Every paper document is scanned, archived, and available for instant access through our proprietary system.

Communication is
important to us. Our fax operates 24/7. Highly qualified staff members pick up the phone and talk to our clients and their patients Monday through Friday from
8am to 8pm. State of the art telephone messaging system operates when
the office is closed.

(718) 815-1000

(718) 815-8122

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