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To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to take this opportunity to recommend to you the services of Mrs. Frema Gordon and her company Physicians Billing Associates Inc. They have been my exclusive billing agent for six years.

As the head of anesthesia for a large medical center, I know it is very important to find a competent and experienced agency to bill for anesthesia. It is a demanding task, especially in the days of PPO, HMO, and POS.

The staff is remarkably able to anticipate problems before they occur. My direct representative is very skilled and always has time for me. Their supervisor is accomplished and has many years of experience to draw from.

I was impressed when I first signed up with them, because they have their own credentialing staff. It is a great relief to not have to worry about handling all that paper work year after year.

I am certain you will not be disappointed with Physicians Billing and I give them my highest recommendation.

Thank you,
R.A., MD

Dear Doctor,

I am a single entity who works in a gastroenterologists office. I do approximately 40 cases a week. Prior to this I worked in a hospital on a fee for service basis. I have been a client of Physicians Billing for close to 20 years.

What impresses me about Frema and her staff is that they never ignore the "little guy" like so many other billing companies do. My concern has never been a large one, but it is as important to PBA as their large groups. They always have time for me and they work hard for me.

My direct representative knows what i need, usually before I have to ask for it. If she isn't available there is always someone around who is happy to help me.

I highly recommend their services.

Thank you

Dear Doctors,

I am an anesthesiologist and I work part time in a gastroenterologist office on Staten Island. I have been a client of Physicians Billing for many years. They are hard working, accommodating and very professional. They take care of my accounts and answer all my questions. They are very kind to my patients, which is something that is very important to me.

I know you will be as pleased with them as I am.

I.R., MD

Dear Medical Provider,

I have been practicing anesthesia for over 30 years and for a good portion of that time I did my own billing. I have to admit, I am very hard to please and determined to receive every dollar that is due me. It is very difficult to find a billing service that will work HARD for me!

Physicians Billing Associates has a staff that is educated and updated in all areas of this very demanding field. Long gone are the days when one could just send a claim into an insurance carrier and receive a prompt and correct settlement for ones service. Today it seems that we have to jump through hoops to get fair claim settlements.

PBA makes every effort to get my claims paid correctly. I appreciate what they do for me. There have been occasions where I have requested customized reports and they have happily obliged me. They are easy to contact and very professional.

I recommend their services to all size providers and I am certain you will be pleased with their work.

D.B., MD

Communication is
important to us. Our fax operates 24/7. Highly qualified staff members pick up the phone and talk to our clients and their patients Monday through Friday from
8am to 8pm. State of the art telephone messaging system operates when
the office is closed.

(718) 815-1000 Fax
(718) 815-8122

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