Anesthesiology Pain Management Orthopedics

billing with a 95%
collection rate.

You’re a doctor. Paperwork shouldn’t be your problem.
So why do you often feel like it is?
We partner with medical providers to collect
whatever your billing company is leaving behind.
It’s your money. And we’ll get it for you.
Obstetrics &
Surgery & Ambulatory
Surgery Centers

You’re a specialist.
You need specialty billing.

We’ve partnered with medical practices like yours
for over 35 years. Here’s what we do differently.

Less room
for error

Medical specialties require billing expertise. Our certified compliance professionals will catch common errors that CBOs aren’t trained to find.

More persistent

Some say “aggressive.” We prefer “persistent.” Whatever you call it, we make the calls, reach out to patients, and simply don’t stop until what’s yours is yours.

Truly supportive

Phone, email, or in-portal support: Our response team goes above and beyond to assist you with your questions or concerns. See what our clients have to say

Client Portal

We’ve connected to the cloud so
you can see claims status in real time.

Words from our clients

Make the switch for
higher reimbursements.

Errors: down. Profits: up. Support: always.


Painless transition

Many providers are worried that they’ll lose financial consistency while changing over. We get it — and we do everything we can to successfully ensure an operating cash flow during the transition period.


Seamless setup

We’ll reach out to all insurance carriers to establish credentials, negotiate on your behalf, update your correspondence info, and connect to your EMR (if available). That’s it! We’re ready to begin billing.


Continuous operations

You’ve set it; now you can forget it. We’ll obtain max reimbursement for leftover claims from your previous agency. From there, we’ll maintain your revenue cycle and report to you twice a month.