We take your most
taxing practice
struggles - and
solve them.

Medical billing, insurance, claims, entitlements: year by
year, it all gets more and more complicated. And in this
relentless, ever-changing industry, we keep up.



Since 1986, you’ve always come first. Custom reports, speedy response times and plenty of patience are what make our support team better than any other. Just ask our clients.


Policies and regulations change constantly, and knowing each quirk can be the difference between getting 95%+ reimbursement or none at all. Our evolving expertise means we’ll handle anything thrown at us.

40 years of
relationships will

pay you well.

We’ve been improving your finances before you even knew we existed. Throughout our history, we’ve built strong long-term relationships with insurance companies. It’s how we secure enhanced payments for every one of our clients.


PBA began in 1986, when medical billing expert Frema Gordon realized that your average agency wasn’t equipped to handle the complexities of billing for anesthesiology. So she did it herself. PBA quickly gained a reputation for highly effective methods and a can-do customer service attitude.

A lot of time has passed since then. We’ve expanded to focus on many more medical specialties, each with its own unique needs. Each member of our team is certified and trained to Frema’s exacting standards, and we’ve helped thousands of specialists to this day.

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